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... dairy have the lowest rates of osteoporosis, so it confirms to me that excessive calcium accelerates bone turnover and since the amount of times you can do that is fixed .. excess calcium actually ages bones faster. ... (64 replies)
... I have not seen any mention of this. Of note I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia also. Tried Fosomax but stopped due to side effects. ... (79 replies)
Ezorb not working
Jan 28, 2007
... I always get a copy of my tests so that I can see myself exactly what is going on. If I don't understand it I check out the results elsewhere, such as boards like this. ... (7 replies)

... and depression and anxiety which is supposed to be a contributory factor with osteoporosis.I 've only been a couple of times but I am determined to keep it up as I can see it would be beneficial. ... (10 replies)
... I take all supplements with food, But I avoid taking calcium with any food that blocks absorption, like oat bran. I don't like to take any of them on an empty stomach. I just read yesterday that all vitamins should be taken with meals for better absorption. ... (64 replies)
... nk she probably was forwarded a copy. However, based on her track record i doubt that i would hear from her. I wonder how a person tests for vitamin D, what kind of test is it? ... (64 replies)
... esults may not be a true reflection because I cannot exercise, other than some walking, due to having Lyme Disease and CFS. Exercise intolerance is a big symptom of these diseases. If you can do any type of resistance training along with your calcium supplementation you will mostly likely have better results. ... (26 replies)
... I'm very uneasy about most drugs and side effects and am wondering about how well other approaches might work, i.e., exercise, supplements, whatever. ... (9 replies)
... so it might be worth search this board for postings about Ezorb. i'm going to wait for my next scan and then may come off Fosamax and take Ezorb plus my herbal supplement. ... (5 replies)
Strontium users
Jan 30, 2010
... Wow! I'm so impressed with the quick replies and obvious offering of expreience of you osteroposis victims. ... (24 replies)
... for me, too. Digestive upsets and felt horrible overall, like I was being poisoned every week after I took it. I also agree about the drug companies doing lots of bad things and lying. I just can't believe that they say that fosamax only has side effects in a minority of people. Everyone seems to have problems with it. ... (8 replies)
Calcium Orotate?
Jan 20, 2006
... and zero side effects. ... (0 replies)
... I love seeing good results from Strontium. I've avoided taking anything other than eZorb for some time. ... (5 replies)
... your post. Damn you have a lot on your plate. I never heard of red clay and you could probably do an internet search to see what side effects drugs can cause. I'd try wikipedia. I'm personally trying Ezorb. I heard about it from this site from a previous user by the name of Jacal. ... (12 replies)
... hi phylwill & Canna we are indeed guinea pigs with all the different treatments on offer and theres plenty of fanfare surrounding them most unproven on a long term basis ,as we found out with bisphoshonates strontium is the it may be the godsend we are all hoping for , or it may not , but it is not without side effects, with me it made me feel generally... (14 replies)
... Ezorb is a different form of calcium which, apparently, has a high abosrption rate. It is not available in the UK and can be purchased on line via a company called Elixir. ... (11 replies)
... It just seems unusual to me. I will try the strontium, thank you, had no idea where to buy it. Any side effects to watch for? ... (8 replies)
Does it work?
Jun 22, 2007
... traditional doctors push bisphosphonates and underestimate the side effects and then theres ezorb, vit D, K2,calcium , forteo, algaecal, strontium and all sorts of miraculous minerals at a cost of course, not to mention the experts contradicting each other on what is the best method of treatment .. ... (14 replies)
... Have you read The Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson? ... (8 replies)
Apr 10, 2007
... Read The Myth of Osteoporosis. Also, Ezorb is a very effective way to go and no toxic side effects. You might want to do some research on this board as well. ... (11 replies)

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