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... I hope he didn't have any trouble with the injection, has he noticed any side effects? ... (3 replies)
... Anyone have any experience with not taking Forteo every night but every other night or every few days as a result of bad side effects? ... (4 replies)
... Hi and Welcome... You are the first patient I've heard of that didn't get some instruction on how to use the pen. It isn't very difficult to do, but if you think you need help, your drs office should provide it. ... (12 replies)

... There was just a couple of other things I forgot to mention. ... (7 replies)
... Welcome, glad you didn't have any trouble with the injection. The forteo shouldn't burn... If you feel a burning sensation which "may never" happen, it's because you probably hit a nerve. ... (37 replies)
... I didn't have any luck with the other meds, plus forteo works better anyway. It's nothing like a regular injection unless you've had experience with these really small needles. ... (32 replies)
Apr 10, 2010
... I'm on my second round of two years on Forteo. It took both myself and my doctor appealing the denial to the medication in order for 2 more years to be approved. ... (7 replies)
After Forteo
May 21, 2009
... ocrinologist wanted to do, but I declined and did not take bisphosphonates during the past year. Instead, I tried using alternative methods, including daily use of a Juvent vibrating platform, increased unipedal standing, diet modification, increased vitamin D, additional exercise, etc. ... (3 replies)
... I was on Forteo for 15 months, then I had a DEXA and my bones were worse, but the DEXA was done on a different machine so I'm not sure if it made a difference or not. ... (9 replies)
... Sorry your mom is having such a hard time, but the Forteo should help a lot. They are now using Forteo to speed the healing of fractures and joint replacements because it grows new bone so fast. ... (12 replies)
... I've been on Forteo for 13 months, and have had no problems. I understand your reluctance to give yourself a shot, but I promise, it's not that bad. ... (37 replies)
... Some of us here have just finished our two years on Forteo and we can't believe how fast it went and how easy it was to get used to the injections. Yes, some of us, including me, were nervous about the black box warnings, but we decided avoiding spinal fractures was worth what seemed like a small risk. ... (32 replies)
... for jumping in! It's good to hear. I didn't really think I'd lose all my gains in a month, but I was hoping to coordinate my doctor's appointment with the end of my Forteo treatment, so that I could talk about my options from here without losing any time. Unfortunately, the appointment will just have to wait. ... (32 replies)
... o, and had a new Dexa scan a couple days ago. My doctor called yesterday to tell me the results are really good and I met with him this afternoon and got copies of the results. ... (32 replies)
... that was one of the reasons I stopped actonel. Sorry about the migraines, are you sure it's from the forteo, and not something else? ... (17 replies)
Forteo Or Not...
Dec 4, 2006
... score all that much, and they are basically the same med. I then started Forteo, and haven't had any problems with it. Most of the people that I've talked to have very little or no side effects from it, but in rare cases there are some that had problems. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I just started taking the Forteo about the end of March. For the most part I did not have any side efffects. However, the first few weeks or so I did notice that I had some sort of a jabbing pain in my left hip area. ... (12 replies)
... so I have no other option except Forteo at this point. I am experiencing some side effects, bone pain in legs and arms and headache around eye area which are becoming less troublesome. ... (73 replies)
... Honest injun, the injection is nothing, a piece of cake, a breeze, even in the abdomen!!! Matter of fact, the abdomen is even more comfortable than the thigh. ... (73 replies)
... I'd have to go along with Chronie. The shortness of breath would trouble me. Not a sign of menopause that I've heard of. Sounds more like a virus or the flu. I'd check with a doctor about how sick you feel. ... (9 replies)

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