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... Hi Starfish and welcome to the board. I'm one of the women here taking stontium and if you decide to try it i'll be glad to help you anyway i can. ... (12 replies)
Doctor Visit
Jun 4, 2007
... ome up. i'll see what they say and then decide if i'll have another one anytime soon. I feel confident that i'm doing the right things for myself in taking the stontium and if i can't get an accurate reading there is no point in doing it. ... (7 replies)
Strontium Citrate
Dec 12, 2006
... I just started taking stontium in august so i won't know how well they are or aren't working till my next scan. take care... ... (70 replies)

Strontium Citrate
Dec 12, 2006
... ings that can happen from the drugs scared me more than what could or couldn't happen in the future. The article in the NEJM and others i read convinced me that stontium was a good option with good results. I also walk and do strength training, and try to eat several calcium source foods a day. take care... ... (70 replies)
... week. I work out everyday and always was an outside person. Horses, gardening, hiking. In the past year I have been taking Ostinol and Algeacal. I have tried Stontium but boy does that make my acid reflux flair up....which I obtained that problem from Fosomax. ... (3 replies)
2013 DEXA results
Aug 29, 2013
... Hi, Joan, is today your birthday? Yes, i take oth calcium and stontium, but not at the same time. They need to be separated by several hours. I take calcium in the morning and the strontium at night. Calcium and strontium are similar in how they work and what they do, but taking at the same time would interfere with the absorption of each one. That's a good question about... (15 replies)
2013 DEXA results
Aug 29, 2013
... y doctor prescribe alendronate. But I will hold it for a while. I am going to focus on calcium diet and weight bearing exercises now. I am still thinking to take stontium too. I bought the book myth of osteoporosis. It's very helpful. I am small person. I think dexa is not accurate for my situation. ... (15 replies)
... I bought a bottle of stontium citrate today. If I feel nothing after the bottle is empty, I doubt I'll continue it. That stuff ain't cheap and I take enough pills so as it is! ... (5 replies)
New Dexa Results
Apr 4, 2009
... Is stontium hard on the stomach? ... (12 replies)
... Hi Jen, i haven't read anything about not taking magnesium with stontium, but thats not saying you should or shouldn't. I take extra magnesuim at the same time i take calcium and i know there are some who say you shouldn't do that either. The way i do it is that i take everything during the day and take the strontium at bedtime alone. if a person took everything at just the... (6 replies)
... Hi Canna and Osteopenia1..thank you for your kind words and tips. Canna are you still taking stontium? If you enable your private message function i can send you articles that would be of interest to you. I think we tend to take our posture for granted and it's something that needs to be worked on every day. It saddens me when i see friends walking with their shoulders... (11 replies)
... Hi Annie...funny you should ask about strontium cause i have been taking it for almost 3 years and believe that Starfish does too. there are several of us on the board who are using with. I had a DEXA after 9 months of use and had improvements and am due to have another this summer after 2+ additional years. Hopefully i will see even more improvements. If you put "stontium"... (6 replies)
Vitamin MK-7
Jan 5, 2009
... Hi mskaty and welcome to the board :wave:. Strontium is a natural supplement similar to calcium. You can get online or at some stores. It has no or very few side effects and most people taking it have no problems at all. With all the scary side effects from the now available osteo drugs its a safe effective way to help build bone density and to reduce fracture risk. If... (23 replies)
... In the US it is available as supplement in the form of Stontium Citrate. Good luck! ... (3 replies)
... Phyllis I doubt it... to be quiet honest.. if i will be lucky as that and dexa adjustments whatever chance you got in the USA ours is even less. My dexa has been booked since last September because we are covered here under the health care system.. we don't have to pay for it so the demand is quiet high and only 2 hospitals in our area. Stontium is like an unheard-of word..... (7 replies)
... ember which is 3 capsules as I get the AOR in 227 mg. each .. canadian orders it is 227mg and us orders it is 341mg. When u cross over the border can u get the stontium and d etc in Buffalo as I may be heading there later i have relatives in Toronto Ontario and my sis in law drives to usa for one day shopping. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Jacal...thanks for the info, i knew there were foods containing strontium didn't know which ones. We eat alot of onion and have salad quite often...between the veggies and supplements i'm getting pleanty of bone building stontium. take care..phyllis (4 replies)
... are other good brands, its a matter of choice. I did have imporvements in both total hip and lumbar spine, so its the one i'll stick with. If you decide to try stontium look for one that contains only strontium citrate. ... (3 replies)
... perating. Is it depressing to have fractures.... very much so... I could not drive. sit, walk.. nothing and it is a very slow process to heal. I also opted for Stontium and calcium mag d k2 boron and fish oil.. ... (33 replies)
Dec 7, 2007
... nce starting it and my calcium level was good. I was glad to find the once a day calcium...i take synthroid when i get up which can't be taken near calcium and stontium at bedtime which also can't be taken near calclium. ... (23 replies)

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