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... The makers of Protelos have conducted several clinical trials for up to 4 years, and no such adverse effects were found. Strontium renalate is highly regarded by the international medical community. ... (9 replies)
... I have been taking strontium citrate for 3 months now & feel fine with it but my endo wants to put me on strontium renalate because she says that there is no scientific proof that strontium citrate is effective whereas there is proof that strontium renalate is however the former is natural whereas the latter is manufactured in a lab, I would prefer to stay on strontium... (7 replies)
... Does anyone know why Strontium Renalate is not approved in the U.SA. yet? ... (9 replies)

Dec 20, 2007
... for two yrs of treatment, which is all the longer you can be on it. It's suppose to increase your bone density, but you're taking Strontium and getting the same thing for a fraction of the cost. I'm a little concerned about taking it without a Dr. knowing my situation. Did your Dr. ... (6 replies)
... mail and they said strontium citrate was dangerous. To quote them " Even for strontium renalate we have our concerns on its safety. Theres risk that if strontium gets into the bone matrix, it replaces calcium in the structure, causing cancer. ... (1 replies)
Dec 19, 2007
... isn't available in the US. It hasn't been FDA approved for use here and i really don't know if it ever will. It's the strontium in it that is the active ingredient, the renalate is a salt they added so it could get patentened. ... (6 replies)
... places around the world. The main difference between the 2 is that renalate, a salt, is added to the SC to make it patentable. So far there is no script from of strontium approved by the FDA, but it is in the testing stages. ... (2 replies)
... if they would be allowed. I got in trouble a while back posting what i thought was a good article, so now i am leary to try again. From what i understand the strontium slows down the breakdown of bone so we don't lose it as quickly. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Canyondweller, i've been strontium it for over a year now and haven't had any stomach problems or any other side effects. ... (9 replies)
Strontium users
Jan 30, 2010
... but........... Anyway my scores are not improving so decided to do away with the eZorb and turn to the strontium plus a complex calcium recommended by a lady pharmacist, who wrote a book, along with the strontium. ... (24 replies)
... My Country is in the position of "looking" at this Renalate right now. It was my intention to take the SC until the SR is approved, however, I'm not so sure now. ... (7 replies)
Strontium users...
Jul 28, 2009
... when i was dx i took actenol for 2 months and never felt right about. I read about strontium and decided it was a safer route for me to take. ... (17 replies)
... I contacted the people from Ezorb recently.I wanted to know if taking Ezorb while on Strontium Citrate was a good idea. In their reply, they told me that Strontium Citrate was dangerous. So I contacted them again, asking that they explain. This was their reply" Even for Strontium Renalate we have our concerns on its safety. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Pat, I've been taking OTC strontium citrate for over 5 years, wih no side effects and have seen gains with each DEXA. The active ingredient in both is strontium citrate. ... (2 replies)
Strontium users
Jan 29, 2010
... Hi Razz, when i started taking strontium 3 years ago i really didn't know much about it but learned from others who were taking it and did my own reading as well. ... (24 replies)
Strontium question
Aug 20, 2008
... Hi summergrl, welcome to the board. Like Todd said strontium citrate is an OTC supplement that is available here in the US. Strontium renalate is the prescription form that is available in Europe and many other places around the world. ... (5 replies)
Strontium and Food
Jun 12, 2008
... I take NSI strontium, that bottle says to take with food. I think we've all gotten the "take on an empty stomach" thing from the way strontium renalate is taken. I take mine before bed and don't usually eat during the evening anyway, but if i do have a snack its nothing heavy, a piece of fruit or popsicle. ... (4 replies)
... is attached to it. It's the strontium that is affecting bone activity, not the salt. Having said that, there are certain salts which facilitate absorption. ... (7 replies)
Strontium Question
Sep 22, 2007
... Anyway, I mentioned strontium to the nutritionist and she almost bit my head off and told me not to consider it because it hasn't been tested on humans, only animals. ... (25 replies)
... It would be great if strontium did get the FDA stamp of approval so doctors would prescribe it, but then i wonder how much it would cost. I've heard that the strontium renalate, Protelos, is very expensive and that could be the same with whatever the pharma companies come up with here. ... (22 replies)

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