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... Hi sunny47...i am on total thyroid replacement and have had the same problem trying to time everything right. The reason you shouldn't take calcium near synthroid is that the calcium can interfere with the absorption of the synthyroid. did you know that you can chew the synthroid so its absorbed faster? ... (3 replies)
... I am on Synthroid and also take calcium for my osteoporosis. I have read here on the board not to take them within a couple of hours of each other and wondered which affects which? ... (3 replies)
... I always wait the one hour before eating. If you are not waiting, then you are interfering with the amount of synthroid that you are going to absorb. If you followed the instructions, perhaps you could go to a lower dose, the 75mcg. ... (13 replies)

... been taking 1200mg at a time. I'll try to go back to spreading it out a bit, It's hard to spread everything out you know...I knew not to take it near synthroid, and I can't take it with Strontium, maybe I shoud take one at lunch and one at dinner....I"ll figure out a plan I guess lol! ... (23 replies)
... how much it means to me to have someone to talk to that knows about this... See I was told I have Osteoporosis by my Dr..I am soo glad my numbers aren't that bad and it is just Osteopenia range... I feel better already lol! ... (23 replies)
... Hi mbeth..i don't know the specific number of hours between syhthroid and calcium, but i would think 2 or 3 would be enough, long enough for the synthroid to be absorbed by the body. How much do you take? ... (10 replies)
... Hi All, I have been following this forum for about a month and first want to say thanks for being there. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for the input. Good that it is Calcium that interfers with the synthroid rather then the other way around. ... (3 replies)
... In 2009 I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and my Dr. started me on a generic Synthroid 50 MCG one tablet in the morning on an empty stomach. At that same time, I had my first DEXA scan done and was diagnosed with Osteopenia. ... (4 replies)
Dec 8, 2007
... Hi mbeth...i may not be doing it right, but i take them all at the same time...the once a day 1000 calcium and the mutli which has 225 along with the others. ... (23 replies)
... The only thing i can see in your info that could cause density loss could be that your dose of generic synthroid may not be just right for you. Too much or too little of that hormone can take calcium from from your bones. How are you Ft4 and tsh labs? ... (4 replies)
... Hi mbeth..i had the same problem with spacing things outs, but figured it out..finally. I too take synthroid early in the morning. I've found a calcium supplement called EZcal 1000 with D that is formulated to be taken in one dose daily. I've found it at Walgreen stores and online. ... (10 replies)
... I am having a real difficult time when timing my calcium intakes. I take synthroid around 6 am so I dont take the calcium after breakfast..I teach and cannot remember to take it with lunch.. ... (10 replies)
... I do good to walk the length of the grocery store most days. I've tried just lifting the 1 lb cans of veggies. It pulls on my rotator cuff tear, creating agony, and makes my hands cramp. tried the rubber stretch things too. Again more hand cramps even after 3 weeks. ... (22 replies)
... I guess I can fit it in some place then. I take 3 calcium tablets through out the day, Vitamin D3 and other vitamins also through out the day. I'll try it at night. ... (16 replies)
... Other than binges on cheese and carbos at times, I have eaten that way for years... ... (2 replies)
... bsorbed. I shoot for about 600mg three times a day with either food or supplements. It takes awhile to get into a routine so you get all the Calcium, vitamin K and magnesium you need per day. ... (23 replies)
... Your post came in the moment before I submitted mine. I'm so very sorry at your results. Two years ago I felt as shocked at my baseline as you are now. And I'm shocked, so very scared and feel powerless at my latest dexa scores. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Britt... I take lipitor and synthroid first thing in the morning before eating anything and the vitamin and supplements after lunch or sometimes in the afternoon. ... (16 replies)
... Hey Phyllis, I just typed you a long message and lost it ARGG!! lol! ... (23 replies)

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