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... I was told to divide the doses of Calcium supplements throughout the day, and that Calcium Citrate can be taken with or without food and Calcium carbonate should be taken with food. ... (4 replies)
Strontium Citrate
Dec 12, 2006
... Hi...I just checked one of the articles i read and it states to take calcium at least 4 hours away from the stontium. I try to take supplements and vitamins either after lunch or after supper. ... (70 replies)
Strontium and Food
Jun 14, 2008
... Todd,I see you're from NY... Do you happen to live on Long Island???I would love to find a dr. thats not a fosamax etc pusher...Perhaps cause you are seeing your primary and I'm hunting for a endo??? ummmm.............. (4 replies)

Strontium and Food
Jun 11, 2008
... The other night I contacted the manufacturer of my strontium and inquired as to if the supplement was better absorbed on an empty stomach or with food. Their reply was with food was preferable. As always, take strontium separate from your calcium intake. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for responding Myth. I'm on 1200mg of Ca so it's difficult. I think I'm gonna keep on doing what I'm doing because I'm on a ca supplement with 3 kinds. ... (14 replies)
... I'm not sure why no one responded to my post. It was my first, and maybe I didn't follow some protocol I'm not aware of. Or maybe nobody has anything to say, or wants to say anything. ... (3 replies)
... Allopathic medicine and the recommended drugs for osteo or an alternative route, as you mention above. Perhaps both? ... (3 replies)
Trying strontium
Feb 3, 2007
... I sent for Strontium citrate and also sent for liquid calcium, despite the price, because I hoped I'd find a calcium supplement I can tolerate. ... (18 replies)
... what do you recommend for best calcium absorbtion? ... (4 replies)
... TO THE TAKE MATTERS INTO OUR OWN HANDS CLUB ...there seems to be a growing number of people trying strontium. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Ktnap...there is no rule that says you have to take it at bedtime or with or without food. If taking it at bedtime is causing you stomach distress then take it when you get up to exercise and go light on the milk products when you have breakfast. ... (1 replies)
... cap with no additional fillers and you are to take 2 a day with or without food. Is strontium citrate a natural form? ... (17 replies)
... I just recieved my first bottle of Strontium, I also take thyroid medication. Do most of you take the stronium at night. I dont think I should take it near my thyroid medication. My bottle says take 2 capsules at the same time everyday with or without food, but not near other calcium tablets. ... (7 replies)
... Strontium is best taken at night at least two to three hours after a meal or any calcium. The reason for this is that strontium is very slow to be absorbed by the body. I know the label says with or without food, but that's incorrect. ... (17 replies)
... zorb and had a bone density test five months after using it according to the directions, with the beginning boost of a higher dose the first three months. ... (3 replies)
... cipe today if the stuff hasn't gone bad in the refrig since i bought it last week... my sister had also told me of a similar recipe using kale, but she uses tofu with soy sauce, water chestnuts. i use tofu a lot and i guess there's calcium in that as well. ... (64 replies)
... without OJ or mag. I will now adjust. Does it matter when you drink the OJ? ... (8 replies)
... You must take your doctor's advice before a stranger's on a message board. All I could offer is food for thought about my own experience.Do, however, ask your doctor if you could possibly bottle feed your baby due to your own health needs at this time. ... (9 replies)
... not getting vit. A in there as well. I have seen doses of 1,000 and up to I think 5,000 as well as lower at the vit supplement store. If you are not comfortable with 50,000 a week maybe some mid point like 4,000 a day for awhile and then check your vit d levels and see how you are doing in a few months. ... (22 replies)
... I bought broccolirabe today and made it with garlic, olive oil and sausage over ziti, it was really good. ... (64 replies)

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