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... Well, serum creatinine is used to evaluate kidney function. If kidney function is abnormal, creatinine levels will increase in the blood, due to decreased excretion of creatinine in the urine. ... (10 replies)
... N-telepeptide (NTx) is a bone marker used as an indicator of human bone resorption which can be used to predict and confirm the effect of antiresorptive therapy. As near as I can determine a reduction in N-telepeptide/creatinine serum markers is a good thing for those w/osteoporosis, I assume the same would hold true for urinary levels. It is also spelled telopeptide. (10 replies)
... Yes it is 212. This is how the results are listed for the ntx-- N-Telopeptide, Urine N-telopeptide 590 nmol BCE Creatinine, Urine 31.5 mg/dL N-telo/Creat, Ratio 212 nM BCE/mM Cr. 5-65 range Does this make it any clearer?? Interpretive Guide: (16 replies)

... ntx corrected for creatinine. The UW report I have only indicated the corrected number. The lab person said that in their records they have the uncorrected for creatinine result and it is in the docs report but not in mine. She said it is the corrected that is very impt. ... (11 replies)
... ulling teeth to get info. But, I have had the 24 hour urine test done on 2 occasions. The first time the focus seemed to be on calcium ,sodium ,creatinine,and creatinine concentrate. The second time creatinine, creatinine concentrate and ntx telopeptide.Because of the lack of info delivered by the dr. I feel very uninformed. ... (13 replies)
... Hi mbeth: Have you ever had a bone marker test? These test can tell you if you are losing or gaining bone. Usually the Drs like to have a baseline test first, so you have something to compare to, but you can still have the test anyway, without the baseline (score before taking any meds). The lab will give the Dr a reference range that represents normal for your age and... (3 replies)
... Hi: I would ask your dr for the lab reults so you can see for yourself what the reference ranges are. I've been told that even if you don't have a baseline test, there would still be a range that is considered normal for your age-menopause status. Unfortunately I don't know what the normal score is, however the reference ranges that I have based on my *local lab* is 19-63... (3 replies)
... DesertBloom-I read the 212 off of the lab report which I received from the local lab. I then faxed the results to the doc. The 31.5mg/dl is the Creatinine,Urine #. And then as stated, the n telopeptide number and the creatinine, urine are used to calculate the n/telo/Creat ratio which is referred to as ntx. Isn't this the way your lab report looked? It does make me... (16 replies)
... Well, I am not sure what to think now in response to naturalman's experience. More on that in a little while. In the meantime , this is what I have found regarding the ntx test: NTX-Telopeptide Units=NMOL NTX/MMOL Creatinine Reference Range Age Males Females 0-5yrs 576-1763 576-1763 6-13yrs ... (16 replies)
... I just got my prescription for my six months on Forteo blood/urine tests. They are: 1) Complete metabolic panel 2) Bone specific alk. phos. 2) Spot morning urine for calcium and creatinine N-telopeptide (osteomark) (no calcium supplement this morning). (7 replies)

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