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... I got the same advice about travelling with the pen from the Forteo hotline rep as you, minus the part about it being OK at 72 degrees. ... (19 replies)
... Has anyone been successful in traveling with their Forteo pen? ... (35 replies)
... Hopefully someone will post with a good suggestion, but if you have to stop, I think that would be okay. I had to stop forteo for a month for other reasons and it didn't cause any noticeable problems. ... (11 replies)

... It sounds like you have the travel plan for forteo done, since you've already tested the fact that it will keep that temp for 42 hours. ... (3 replies)
... Has anyone tried Medicool's ProtectAll with the Blue Plastic Cooler insert? ... (35 replies)
... ll the time and put it in the refrigerator by the pen. I leave it in the box also so I don't drop something on it and break the glass. Yes you put the pen in the travel case with the gel packs. I tried to put a small thermometer in there but it didn't work very good. ... (35 replies)
... Thank you both for responding to my travel questions...I will be Downunder for a month, and while I have called the airlines, I haven't tried Eli Lilly yet, but I have their number sitting right here. ... (11 replies)
... Hmmm....interesting, and good information! I was worried about the temperature of my pen recently during my trip from Mi. to Az. The Lily travel bag (that I kept with me at all times) worked great! The ice in the frozen bags lasted for 10 sister had a little cooler that we simply inserted the entire bag into for the few hour drive from Phoenix. Funny, though,... (9 replies)
... I don't get my Forteo in a syrofoam chest, just a cardboard box in which is an insulated thick plastic bag that has one or two polar packs in with the pen. I've kept all my polar packs but have thrown out the insulated plastic bag thingie. ... (35 replies)
... I just had to be away for a few days. I put the travel pack with the cold packs into my insulated bag along with some frozen packs and everything stayed quite cold for the seven hours or so that I was traveling. ... (35 replies)
... Add that you are very concerned that the medication will lose its effectiveness if unrefrigerated for any length of time and that it is difficult to travel with the pen and maintain its proper temperature. ... (19 replies)
... w how the little fridge cycles and maybe you put it in at a low time in the cycle and it gets real cold while you are sleeping. Too much risk to me. I travelled with an extra set of gel packs. So, while one set is put in a freezer, the other is in use. ... (11 replies)
... Put the black travel pack on top. Ice is readily available, especially on airplanes, so the ice can be replenished as needed. ... (6 replies)
... Have a good time on your days off. I just thought that the bag was useless to me. If the new is better and works that's great. (15 replies)
... Taape, Thanks ! They did not say the case was useless, they said to use the new one instead IF you had the old one also. I guess they have made some adjustmemnts and hopeful upgrades on the bag. They showed a picture of the old one and it did look different. :) :angel: You and all have been a big help. I'm off tomorrow till sunday.. Bye ! Mairlyn (15 replies)
... Hi there, Thanks for the info. Are you talking about the small cardbpoard box the pen comes in or the grey case that was sent to us or at least me? I do have the styrofoam cooler that it was sent in and the ice packs too, :angel: Thanks alot !!Marilyn (15 replies)
... Thanks PikaB, I was talking about a car trip for right now. I have thought about what you did and leaving it home which I did one time. However, we are busy doing lots of stuff and if I did that I would probably miss to many doses. However, later on next month I will be taking a trip to CA. for a reunion weekend. That will involve a plane ride too but they are... (15 replies)
... Here is an option for car travel (this unit has an AC plug for hotel rooms etc. and DC plug -for th car) BeBe Sounds refrigerator It will keep items at 41 degrees no matter what the ambient temperature is. I ordered one ...I'll keep this forum posted (35 replies)
... I use a thermometer in my refirgerator all the time. I also use it when I travel because hotel refrigerators especially the dinky ones can freeze your food or the pen even when it's on a bottom shelf. ... (35 replies)
... e cold packs say not to freeze them but how can a 40 degree cold pack stay cool enough for 3 or 4 hours. So I'll try that. Do you all use thermometers inside the travel bag to make sure it's between the correct range? ... (35 replies)

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