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@blibbet, yes, the first step was a LEEP. I was unable to get clear margins, so I went on to have a large cone biopsy. That also could not get clear margins, so hysterectomy was the next step. I also had glandular dysplasia, which is more difficult to monitor and is more "sneaky".

If I could have avoided the hyst, I would have. Although I was done with kids, I have struggled with some of the post-hyst changes I have experienced, including weight gain and a "reshaping" of my midsection (lol) since many of the pelvic support structures are removed in a hyst. It has also negatively impacted my sex life. I'm glad I had it done, since it was necessary, but really wish I'd been able to get clear margins and just continued to monitor instead.

I also don't regret having had the LEEP and the cone first. I'm glad that I gave it all I could to avoid the hyst, and even if a hysterectomy is necessary, the cone can provide useful information about what type of hysterectomy surgery would be the most appropriate.

But I definitely understand the anxiety and frustration that comes with repeated testing and monitoring. I hope you get clear results and can put it all behind you for awhile!

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