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hi all. I'm new to the board but I'm a little worried and would like some experiences hopefully to ease my fears.

Starting in sept 2014 I began having a little twinge of a pain in my abdomen. This is not in my pelvic area but a few inches to the left and down of my belly button. I waited to see if the pain would subside but it didn't after a few weeks so I saw my doc. Since then I have been back and forth between my regular doctor and a gastro numerous times. At one point I was told that jt could be nerve abdominal wall pain but then the pain is not really in the same spot they pushed on before.
I've had an abdominal ultrasound and a colonoscopy which all came back normal. I've also had a lower back mri (I only mention that bc I saw the pics from jt and it does show my organs however I dk if the radiologist looked at the organs since I went in for my back).

Anyways my colonoscopy results came back fine (except for two polyps which were removed). At my gastro follow up he said he wanted to do a ct scan to make sure nothing had been missed but after explaining I already had a us he said if that was fine then we could treat it as IBS. When I asked him about what else the pain could be coming from he did mention pelvic organs.

I had a TVUS Prob a little more than a year ago for a different unrelated reason and it came back fine.
I also had an abdominal ct scan for other reasons in 2013. (I think it showed pelvic organs)

I just had my annual gyno check less than a month ago (with pelvic exam) & nothing to note. She did perform a brca genetic test bc of some familial history w breast and ovarian cancer, it was negative.

My question is this, where was your pain? Was it low in the pelvis?

My pain is situated in the Lower left quadrant of my abdomen a few inches above my hip bone and to the left of my belly button. The pain has gotten worse since sept but I wouldn't call it intense just more frequent. I keep trying to think this is not where my pelvic organs are so im trying not to worry but the more I think about the gastro saying it could be pelvic the more paranoid I get.
My symptoms are pain, both in my abdomen and in my back pretty much only on the left side(I do not have a right ovary it was removed years ago for a dermoid cyst). I also have constipation a lot as well as a tender pain that extends up my left side on the muscles. I also have had (a couple months) cramping between my period. Like pain that felt like my period would be starting any moment mid cycle. I asked my gyn about this and she says ovulation pain but I dk it just seemed intense for that my whole lower left back hurt and the cramping made me think my period was just about to come on.

Was anyone's pain situated higher than the pelvis? I plan on asking for another TVUS at my appt on Friday but I'm a worryer and im just curious experiences for the pain.


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