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I'm in a bit of a weird situation and need some help clarifying things, if possible.

I had a pap test with CIN 3 results at the end of May. I did a colposcopy immediately and it confirmed CIN 3. "High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) - CIN 3. The lesion extends into glands, but there is no adenocarcinoma in situ. There is no evidence of stromal invasion."

This was done in Australia. I had a job starting in Myanmar before the results came in, I left to start that. So with the results, I went to get a LLETZ treatment in Bangkok. But they ended up doing a cone biopsy.

So I got the cone biopsy done last week. The pathology report says that there were 14 sections of tissue and "there was CIN3 with gland involvement in 12 sections, characterised by abnormal proliferation of immature parabasal cells occupying whole thickness of the squamous epithelium. The ectocervical surgical margin is inadequate, presence of CIN3 is noted at this margin."

As I understand it, this means that they didn't get all the CIN3 cells there are some left. The doctor in Bangkok recommended a hysterectomy as the next step. That seems quite extreme to me. I'm trying to communicate with my doctors in Australia. They are saying they want me to meet them and discuss options. I'd like to do that, but I need to be able to make some concrete plans in terms of plane tickets and timing and things.

Can anyone help me make sense of what those results say and what they mean? After a cone biopsy are there other treatments possible, do you think? What might those be? Any ideas? Any light on the matter would be so gratefully appreciated.


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