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Chronic Cervicitis
Oct 3, 2015
Hello, this is my first post. Im a bit concerned about my current situation, so im hoping somebody can help me out with some answers.

Ive only had one partner (my current boyfriend). I was diagnosed with a higher risk strain of HPV (neither 16 nor 18 though) this past February. The colposcopy and biopsy results came back as CIN1 with mild dysplasia LSIL at the time, so I went back again in June. Results in June were the same, so my doctor told me to wait it out, and to come back again in three months.

My most recent checkup was on 9/17. I noticed that my discharges were turning more yellow these past couple months, so I had my doctor run tests on my discharge also, on top of the scheduled colposcopy and biopsy. I got my results back three days ago, and fortunately, my CIN1 has gone down to NILM/abnormal cells werent present, and I dont have any other STDs. However, my doctor informed me that I now have chronic cervicitis. She didnt mention anything about any antibiotics or treatments for my cervicitis; she only told me to come back for follow-up in six months because my HPV hasnt cleared up yet.

Should I be worried about not getting any treatment? I read online that STI cervicitis should NOT be left untreated. Apparently, my chronic cervicitis was caused by my HPV; why would my doctor tell me to wait longer?

I apologize for my long post. Any advice or moral support is MUCH appreciated!

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