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Hi everyone. I am 44 years old. I had an endometrial ablation 4.5 years ago due to heavy bleeding and cramping. I Had my last pap 3 years ago, which was normal. Everything has been good up until a few months ago when I started having longer periods with several days of spotting on both ends. I also was having light spotting on random other days within my cycle. I also have been having mild to moderate lower pelvic pressure, which has become more consistent. I haven't had any pain worse than some menstrual-like cramping. Today I had my gyn appointment. After I shared my symptoms she said she wanted to do an endometrial biopsy because of my hx of endometrial ablation. Is this normal? Before the biopsy she also did a pap smear. She said out loud to the assistant (not to me) that she barely touched my cervix and it was bleeding. Is this bad? I wasn't really worried when I went in for my appointment but I left feeling worried. She also said she will call me when she gets the results back and we will go from there. My worrying mind is wondering what that means. Thanks for your thoughts in advance! :)

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