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I have been having pelvic pain, breast pain, worse pain with eating, weight loss without trying, low back pain, bowel changes, tummy bloating, gas, and fatigue for months. My regular doctor kept brushing me off, saying I had a stomach virus, then sent me for a mammogram (clear) because my breasts are like two hot balls of achy lead and the nipples keep crusting. He also did prolactin test. It was fine.

I finally got fed up and went to another doctor. He said I was slightly anemic. He tested for a bladder infection, which I had, and I also had blood in my urine, but since I get those a lot, I told him it didn't feel like one, the pain I was having. Sure enough, the pain didn't go away with the antibiotics even though the bladder infection did. He sent me for a CT w/ no contrast because they wanted to check all of my stomach and pelvis. Before I was even out of the hospital parking lot, they were calling me back in for a CT with contrast, and then they wanted to do a regular ultrasound and then a transvaginal ultrasound. They found an indeterminate mass on my pelvic sidewall.

CTS: Patient has an abnormal mass in the left pelvic sidewall measuring 5.1 cm in size. It appears to be inseparable from underlying iliac vessels. There appears to be some free fluid also present in the pelvis. Several calcifications are present in the pelvis, representing phleboliths. The patient appears to have had a previous hysterectomy. The right ovary is not identified. The mass seen along the left pelvic side wall may correspond to a retained left ovary, but it is atypical.

ULTRASOUNDS: HISTORY: Indeterminate pelvic wall mass seen on CT of the same day. This study is performed both transabdominally and transvaginally. There is a 4.4 x 3.0 x 3.4cm heterogeneously hypoechoic solid mass in the pelvic to the left of midline. This could represent the left ovary although this is atypical and has an atypical appearance for an ovary. Arterial flow is identified within this mass. The uterus is not identified, compatible with hysterectomy. The right ovary is not identified. There is free pelvic fluid.

The doctors seriously do not seem to know what this is. Yet, I received a phone call today from the gyn I was referred to who said that after receiving all of my history from my hysterectomy and the reports that he wants to play wait and see.

He said, and I quote, "I can't say for sure if it's just a complex cyst or something else, but I just want to manage your pain and play wait and see since you have never had an ovarian episode."

They want me to wait FOUR MORE WEEKS!

They didn't do any other tests to determine what it was. I know it was way larger than my ovary at the time of my hysterectomy. They didn't do a tumor marker test. They can't even find my right ovary, and if this isn't my left ovary covered with some kind of complex cyst or something, then where is it? Could this be cancer? Why is there pelvic fluid? Isn't waiting that long dangerous? Does anybody have any advice? The tests that I can see on my patient portal are so vague. Maybe the doctor has more detailed copies, but mine just pretty much say what I summarized above. Could it be cancer?

Should I get a second opinion? Should I just suck it up and wait and see?

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