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No problem.
I was in your shoes and terrified, so I know that talking to someone was really helpful.

One thing that I would recommend is not searching online too much. Most of the stories you will read online are the worst case scenario, and the reality is that cervical cancer is totally treatable and preventable if caught early. This is what the pap is for. It detects cells that can become cancerous WAY before they actually do. The pap looks for precancerous cells and they remove these cells before they become a problem. CIN 1 and 2 they sometimes will leave alone and just watch carefully. Cin 1 and 2 will often just cure themselves and go away on their own. Cin 3 they like to remove because the risk for cancer is higher, but these cells don't necessarily ever turn into cancer and if they do it can take many years for cancer to develop.

So to answer your question about if you should wait and do the second pap, I would say yes you are fine to wait. Two weeks won't make a difference, and if the doctors were concerned they would rush you in. I actually think it is good news your doc wants to do this because it means they are skeptical of the results. ASC-H basically means that you may have dysplasia (Cin1, 2 or 3) or it could be absolutely nothing, or even something like PID which they can treat easily. PID also causes some of the symptoms you have mentioned.

You would only need the LEEP if you had Cin3 and sometimes for Cin2. It didn't hurt me at all. It was just kinda like I had my period for a few weeks after. There is a needle though that pinches a little, but it is quick and it is not unlike any other needle I have had.

Have you been tested for HPV before? In Canada they don't bother to test for HPV until after Leep, but if you test positive for HPV you would have a higher chance of dysplasia (Cin 1, 2 or 3).

Honestly though, my doctor assured me that there was no cancer at the colposcopy, they said it was such a slim chance they could comfortably say "no there is no cancer." The internet just says a bunch of scary stuff and I noticed many people don't even explain or understand it properly and are giving advice. A friend of mine had cervical cancer and she had bad paps for years with no symptoms at all. She had surgery and she was totally fine even at a later stage (which you are not at I am sure). Also, at your age it would be unlikely too because it takes many years for cervical cancer to develop after contracting HPV. It is more likely in my age range (35) because it has had time to develop.

Please don't be scared. I know it is hard not to be, but just make sure you follow up and do what the doctors say and you will be totally fine. My doctor even had me take the HPV vaccination to prevent this from reoccurring. As for the the pelvic and back pain, it could be many things. Mine is digestive and constipation can cause this if that is ever an issue.

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