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Hi STLouisgal,

Thank you for your message. If I know for sure that radiation/chemo is necessary to survive my cancer, I would gladly do it and deal with the after effects the best I can, but since I seem to fall in the borderline case, it makes my decision so hard! My primary oncologist, the one that recommends the treatments is the one that did my radical hysterectomy and is all for being aggressive to be certain that all traces of cancer is eliminated. Obviously she sees enough from the pathology report to warrant such recommendation. The other doctor is a 2nd opinion who is going strictly by the pathology report and is seeing something slightly different. I would normally go for doing more rather than be sorry later, in case there were other isolated tumor cells in other lymph nodes that could turn into cancer, but the after effects from pelvic radiation that I'm keep reading about is making me think twice.

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