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I am 45 years old. Smoke, no regular paps but last one as normal. Recently began with irregular periods. For 2 months had period 2x/month Spotting. Spotting is minimal, brown colored and mostly when I wipe. Pain during sex but only with deep penetration. I had some brown bleeding the day after sex, but very little. Saw gyn, awaiting pap results. Dr told me my cervix bled a little when she touched it. She agreed when I said I had signs of CC but she also said to get tests done . I have had NO spotting since my visit 5 days ago. I am due for my period ( I think) in a few days. For the past few days I have had TERRIBLE back pain and some pelvic pressure, maybe mild cramping. I have never had back pain like this. Here are my questions.
Are symptoms of discharge that I hear about constant meaning is the discharge always there.
Same with spotting, is it constant
The back pain, I am 100% convinced it hurts so bad because it has spread
Please tell me any and all symptoms you had that led to diagnosis of Cervical cancer.
I am scared....blaming myself. I smoke and missed appointments for a long time

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