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Hi there everyone I am new to this forum but have been reading a lot and seems like it could be a very helpful place to come as I am feeling very alone and scared right now. Basically about 3 or so weeks ago now I started having symptoms out it literally nowhere, I had my period and ovulated a week or so later and I knew I did as I always get the tell tale snotty looking mucus, sorry if that's TMI. Then basically after that the discharge wouldn't stop I just thought it was the ovulation maybe lasting a bit longer than usual but it just kept going like watery and clear but sometimes creamy looking, no smell just constant flow of the stuff. I then became very bloated and was experiencing pelvic pain but like all over my lower pelvis not just in an exact spot, feeling nauseous and tired and not much appetite and also the constant feeling of needing to pee and feeling like I wasn't emptying my bladder properly. I saw the doctors they don't think much of it as usual, then was told to go to hospital as they thought it was PID I was put on anti biotics and of course they did nothing so I went back, had a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound came back clear apart from 3 cysts on one ovary biggest one being 2cm but that was all they could find. My symptoms come and go and sometimes it hurts in my cervix area more than other parts of my pelvis but then sometimes the pain is where the left ovary would be with the cysts. I'm very confused :( thing is I am 24 and like that idiot I am I have never had a Pap smear until last week. (I know I'm an idiot.) now I am anxiously waiting for the results but I am pretty certain that I have cervical cancer as I have every symptom apart from bleeding no abnormal bleeding to speak of and my periods are still normal. I also have pain in my leg and it feels like there is a lump, I also have mixed connective tissue disease which is an autoimmune disease so I'm not sure if it's that causing the leg pain. I am going mental sitting here waiting and googling all the possibilities! I have gone like $40 over my phone plan with all my googling of symptoms trying to piece it together on my own! I feel like no doctors take me seriously but I know what I feel and this has never happened to me before. I have had one sexual partner so its not like I **** around but then again stranger things have happened right. I don't know what else it could possibly be ??? Please help I'm so scared. It could be the cysts but they aren't that big? I don't know :(

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