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Hi I wanted to ask a question about cervical cancer. I'm 28 and have never had a pap smear. I honestly didn't think screening for cervical cancer was as important as the internet makes it sound. I'm religious and have only had sex with one guy a few times while we were dating when I was 25. It was unprotected. I also have had a few oral sex partners while growing up. Researching cervical cancer on the internet has me a little panicked. I have no symptoms of bleeding, no discharge with odor, and no leg/back pain. I've never had an hpv symptom such as warts so I'm not sure if I could have ever gotten it. I had blood work a few months ago which is all normal. My sed rate was low at 2 which shows no inflammation. I am booking a pap smear asap. I was wondering how common cervical cancer is and how much at risk I am? Also, if a partner had given me oral hpv, does that cause cervical cancer as well or just throat cancers?
There are many types of HPV and most are low-risk for cervical cancer. HPV is very common and oftentimes has no symptoms (such as warts) and usually goes away on its own before causing any health problems. Only a handful are responsible for most cervical cancers.

The U.S. government's SEER (Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results) Program keeps statistics on each type of cancer such as lifetime risk, new cases per year, etc. VERY FEW women develop cervical cancer in their lifetime (nor other gyn cancers). Of course, with all cancers, some people are more prone than others due to genetics, lifestyle, etc. so one cannot JUST look at statistics.

Keeping up with pap smears is partly why so few women develop cervical cancer. So make sure you are getting your paps per guidelines. They used to say they were needed every year but found that too many women were undergoing needless intervention for irregular paps that oftentimes did not need treatment / resolved on their own.

I hope this helps eases your mind!

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