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Hello everyone! I am curious how many of you with cervical cancer had a previous issue and had the LEEP procedure done?

Since June I've had a recurring backache with migrating joint/bone pain, abdominal issues (IBS type), fatigue, etc. I am hypothyroid but my levels are close to normal, though a little low still.

About a month ago, the backache increased in intensity (SI joints, pelvis, and hips - now a constant ache with shooting and burning pains on and off) and has not let up. I continue to have pain around my right lower ribcage, as well as lower right pelvic pain (can be severe enough to double over but is short and comes and goes), a burning sensation around my public bone, (again on and off only a few times in last couple weeks), itching that wakes me up, occasional night sweats. I have noticed I wake up during the night to pee which I don't but usually but nothing excessive I don't think.

As I've had issues with my GP and have been unable to find another (everything to her is stress or my imagination, 2 years of complaining about the thyroid symptoms were stress, until she finally checked - several months of my son's hearing problems were him "just being a 3yr old who doesn't listen" until I forced a hearing test and he ended up having to get tubes plus his tonsils and adenoids out...) so my insurance company sent me for an independent medical exam as I have been unable to work and her report was unusable.

As she has not even ordered any image tests since this started, they are recommending x-rays, MRI, and U/S, however I have to wait for that report to be sent to her before they can be scheduled.

During the independent exam, the doctor asked about my period, it has been heavier and more irregular (week early every few months, an extra period between periods most recently, occasional spotting after sex, occasional painful intercourse) which is actually when I remembered the previous LEEP procedure I had done. I had it done about 18 years ago or so, had the follow ups every 6m for 2 years, and afterwards back to normal schedule as the procedure was successful. Given how long ago, I don't quite remember the diagnosis I just remember having the blast procedure to clear the pre-cancer cells. My mother has had breastfeeding cancer twice and a hysterectomy but I don't know the reason for that I will have to ask, I actually just remembered that while typing.

This new doctor seemed surprised my GP didn't refer me to a gynecologist, or at least do a pap and pelvic exam, given the previous procedure and symptoms. I don't remember when my last pap was but I'm thinking around 3-4 years ago.

Ovarian or cervical cancers never crossed my mind, I thought perhaps another autoimmune issue but for now have been cleared as all antibody panels are fine. I do have follow ups in 6m as according to my rheumy, these things can take time to show on tests.

Most of my blood work has been fine with exception of:
C3 - flagged low last 2 tests
C4 - flagged low 1/2 test with low C3, which prompted antibody panels
MPV - flagged high last 4/5 tests, only the first in normal range
Eosinophils - flagged high 1 test

Hormone levels are fine as well, I guessed maybe my period issues were perimenopause or something given my age, 42. I also had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, it noted lymphoid aggregates in the lamina propia but having looked into that (since no one ever explains anything) it seems quite normal too.

The back pain sent me to emerge on Friday because I started having numbness in my left shoulder and along my mid to upper back and down my left leg as well. Guessing I had a pinched or trapped nerve, not sure, but the numbness was new and the pain is getting more difficult to manage. I had a L1/L2 spinal x-ray, emerge doctor said it looks fine and will have radiology confirm, and sent me home with a shot of Toradol (anti inflammatory) which took the edge off but otherwise did nothing.

I guess I'm just curious what tests I should look into, to at least rule these out, as I continue to baffle doctors. So many things have the same type of symptoms, I can see why it can be hard for people to get a proper diagnosis and why it can take so long.

Nothing like this was mentioned to me until recently at the new doctor so obviously I am a little concerned. I can't help but wonder why my GP, also a woman, would not think perhaps it's a female issue after 7m of symptoms getting progressively worse and other specialists clearing me.

Did any of you develop cervical cancer after a previous LEEP? Out of curiosity, did you have similar symptoms or test results?

Any advice would be helpful. While it probably isn't cancer, late diagnosis for some women's cancers are a well known issue and given that, I really don't understand why doctors are not checking that first. I've been sent to an immunologist/allergist, rheumatologist, and gastroentologist already yet not a gynecologist.

Thank you and all the best.

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