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Hello everyone, I am a 43 year old woman who has had bloating and fatigue for around 8-9 months.
I have been seeing my GP who prescribed me Prozac telling me I am stressed.
Recently my liver function tests are very high too and my urine has lots of protein in it evertime.
Then 3 months ago after being spot on, I stopped having periods and literally felt pregnant, ( severe sickness, tender breasts, peeing really often with moderate cramps which have all remainec), so doctor again thought me "stressed", since Pg tests were negative.
Then a month ago I started getting bad pelvic pains, then groin crease pains, so I paid for my own ultrasound, which showed a 4.5cm septated cyst on one ovary but no free fluid?
I am seeing gyn next week but in the past two weeks I've started with bad kidney pains, a terrible pain in my shoulder blade, shooting pains in my rectum and small bouts of fainting.
I know you can read too much on the internet but with a close family history of ovarian cancer and womb cancer, I can't help worrying that my symptoms seem like advanced stage ovarian cancer. My stomach looks heavily pregnant!
I have 6 children and am just so very scared.

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