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Hi all, thanks for giving me a place to just put my story out there. Sorry this is so lengthy. I know that ovarian cancer can commonly be misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal issues, so I am adding a little extended history to give a full picture. I have had pain on my right side off and on for several years. They did an ultrasound a couple of years ago and didn't see anything unusual on my ovaries or my appendix. Also, my stomach gets so full of air sometimes that I can't pass anything. Sometimes the gas pain is extremely intense, but not very often. Gas-X doesn't come close... if someone walked into my house during one of those episodes, they may think I was giving birth from the breathing, twisting, and I've always assumed the right-side pain was gas. I was diagnosed (via endoscopy) in 2012 or 13 with an ulcer in my stomach, and IBS. I also had pretty severe anemia. The ulcer has been gone for 2 years, but the other symptoms remain. I have to take 110mg of iron/day, and still have periods of weakness and extreme fatigue. I have kept a food journal, and had narrowed the gas pains down to being worse when I eat a certain food. When I don't eat that food, the bloating goes away. UNTIL last month, that is. I've had the pain in my lower right side for over a month constantly, sometimes with sharper pains. My clothes fit strangely - tight in the waist - I have felt like my abdomen is swollen out like it is inflated with a balloon. When I eat, I feel super-full and have horrible indigestion, heartburn. I've been too tired to think clearly, and haven't been able to do much more than work (a very stressful job) and be a mom. On weekends, I stay on the sofa. I still was suspecting gastro-intestinal causes until I got my period. My periods have always been VERY heavy, and pretty regular until this past year. I'm 46, so I figured the two-week long periods, spotting, and even heavier-than-normal flows were pre-menopause symptoms. But last month, I had a period that was 13 days long, with two of those days filled with hours and hours of hemorrhaging. I stayed in the restroom all weekend because there was no way to contain it. I put my husband on alert to take me to the ER if I lost consciousness from blood loss, but I was too tired to even consider showering and going there. I started reading about ovarian cancer, and realized my symptoms were super scary. I made it to Monday without passing out, and was able to get my GYN to see me the next day. I walked in and said I wanted a hysterectomy. They did an ultrasound and found an ovarian cyst - on my LEFT ovary. I wish I had taken a tape recorder, because I was so weak I don't remember much else they said. The dr gave me progesterone to shrink it and said to come back in 6 weeks so we can monitor it. Then they called and said I have low vitamin D, and he called in a script for that. I've only taken one so far (it's one pill/week). I took the progesterone for 8 days. It made me really relaxed, happy, and sleepy. I stopped taking it 2 days ago and just started a new period. At this point, I'm afraid that I might have late stage cancer because I've been blaming symptoms on GI issues... Thanks for reading this far... any advice? Common stories?

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