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Hi all,

I know you aren't doctors but I'm just here for some possible reassurance.
Every now and then my brain has the habit of spiraling out of control at the smallest ache or sensation. My main concern has been skin cancer, which I have thought I had several times. But I've also thought I had a brain tumour, ebola & stroke - some instances more severe than others. The thought of cancer is constantly on my mind, how I'll probably get it, or how I might have it right now and how it all starts with minor symptoms.

Nearly 2 years ago I felt a slightly painful lump near my right ovary which caused me to have a constant dull sensation for a few days. Of course I felt the lump & immediately panicked & made a GP appointment. I explained the symptoms to the Dr & he just said it's a lymph node. The symptoms went away after a few days.

About 2 years later, a few days before getting my period, I had the same dull ache for a few days. I figured it's probably something to do with the fact that my period was due so I didn't think as much of it. But about 2 weeks after my period, I began to feel it again, and now it has been going on for 5/6 days so I'm getting concerned. It's as if I can also feel the dull ache on the right of my lower back. At times it feels like it's warm on the inside, which makes me think it's just some type of inflammation or infection. Though the lymph node itself isn't enlarged or painful this time. Yesterday I felt a sharp pain going down what I assume to be the urinary tract, it lasted about a second and that's the only actual pain I've felt. I don't want to google the symptoms as I know that will make me anxious and I'll think I have ovarian cancer. So I don't know if these factors are relevant but my period has been fairly regular, no major cramps, duration of 3-4 days. I think I've had cystitis 3 or 4 times in my life. Or what I assume was cystitis - severe pain in ovary area, unable to stand straight and painful when going to the toilet. This resolved itself after about 10-20minutes. There was someone from my distant relatives who had cervical cancer a few years ago, though I'm not too sure if they're actually related to me. Other than that, there is no cancer history in my immediate family except a benign brain tumour. My stools in the last couple of days have been more loose, & according to my previous posts the same thing happened the first time I had this. I'm 22, I don't smoke cigarettes and I very rarely consume alcohol, in case that's important info.

If I wake up tomorrow & still feel the sensation, I'll be making a GP appointment, I just hope it's over before the actual appointment comes so I don't spend another week or 2 getting even more delusional over it. Also can't stand the idea of having to have any tests or scans done as I don't think I can deal w/ the anxiety of all that.

Thanks for reading and please share if you've experienced the same & it turned out to be nothing or something minor and common.

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