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I'm 37 and 6 days ago (Wednesday) had a cold knife cone biopsy. My diagnosis is AIS and AGC. My husband and I do not wish to have children, so a hysterectomy is planned in 4 weeks. I haven't received the results of the biopsy yet. I was on Nuvaring for birth control, and removed it the day of the surgery. I would normally have gotten my period 3 days later. I'm only spotting a tiny bit.

The first 48 hours, post procedure, I was pain free. I tried not to lift anything heavy, but did a lot of housework and errands. Friday night I started getting some cramping in both my uterus and my stomach. Like really intense gas pains and period cramps that went to my back. I took 1/2 a Percocet and was ok, but the pain starting increasing in frequency. Went out to shop and grab dinner, had to leave after barely eating a thing because the pains came back. I was worried that my period was unable to come out bc of the vaginal dissolvable packing. Called my gyn/onc who said that wasn't the case, to take my pain meds, and if it got unbearable to see him in the ER or on Monday at the office. Is this normal??? It's like spasms, pain intensity goes up to a 7/10 during the worst part. It comes and goes.

I made it through the rest of the weekend, and yesterday was a bit better. All I ate was soup for lunch ... but as soon as I ate a real meal at dinner, the pains came back again and I was up a lot throughout the night. Took 1/2 a pill, then another 1/2 a few hours later. It was hurting if I coughed or laughed. Still no bleeding or period.

It's now Tuesday, I cancelled dinner plans tonight and a job interview tomorrow. I'm supposed to back to work tomorrow as a sales rep, but I don't think I can drive around with these pains creeping up out of nowhere. I do get up to 12 weeks of paid leave, so I'm not pressed to go back earlier than necessary, but I do want to go back!

I just read somewhere on this site that one person's cervix CLOSED after the cone biopsy, and it was from their period not being able to exit the body. They went through some very painful treatments and I do NOT want to get an exam right now, let alone something to open the cervix!

What's with the runner's cramp like pains and crazy gas pain feeling spasms?? Please advise!

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