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I'm sorry this is causing you so much fear and angst. You didn't say what your doctor told you but most ovarian cysts, even complex ones, are benign / non-cancerous and most ovarian cysts resolve on their own. 2cm is very small so a follow-up u/s may be the recommended plan? Fibroids are common benign growths that oftentimes cause no symptoms. If bleeding is abnormally heavy there are hormonal and non-hormonal options to treat it (contraceptives or Rx tranexamic acid or NSAID's).

CA125 is not useful for diagnosing ovarian cancer since there are too many false positives and false negatives... so not sure why they even do it.

I had a large complex cyst (9.5 cm) that probably needed to be removed but my gynecologist should have removed [B]just the cyst[/B] (cystectomy) since the frozen section (done while under anesthesia in the operating room) showed it was benign. He continued to remove all my female organs (uterus, ovaries, tubes). It upended my life in ways I never could have imagined. That was 12 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't regret it. Sure, if I'd had cancer, it would be a whole different situation. But I didn't.

I personally did not think I had ovarian cancer since a very small percentage of women ever get it and I have no family history. But my gynecologist instilled fear in me and rushed me into surgery.

So take a deep breath and don't let fear take over as it can cloud our judgment resulting in bad decisions that can leave us with regret. Cyber hugs.

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