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16 months ago I began feeling pain in my lower right abdomen. It started as a dull ache but occasionally I had bouts of more severe pain. During one of these times I went to the ER where they did a CT scan with contrast and found nothing. They also did an ultrasound and found a very small 1cm simple cyst on each ovary, which they said was unrelated and to ignore it.

Pain continued, felt like someone surgically inserted an apple into my ovary-area. Over the next year I had a total of 5 ultrasounds, all showing NO cysts and no fluid (those tiny ones went away after the ER trip). Pain continued intermittently. Sometimes severe, sometimes gone completely, but it always comes back.

Saw a gastroenterologist who had me on a 6 week exclusion diet (no gluten, lactose, tomatoes, or citrus) that didnít help. Did a colonoscopy that was 100% normal. Gyno checked repeatedly for cysts and UTI and all showed nothing.

1 year after this all started I got pregnant. Had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. During the ultrasound my doctor discovered an oblong 6cm para-ovarian cyst. Went for a D&C for the missed miscarriage and at my follow up ultrasound 6 weeks later, they discovered a 2nd cyst, this one complex and on my ovary (5cm).

I am absolutely terrified of getting an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Iím also so confused about the recent findings...did I have these all along and thatís what had been causing my endless pain? Did I just develop them and itís completely coincidental that Iíve had pain in that exact spot for 16 months now?

My doctor ordered a CA 125 blood test and Iím so worried Iím making myself physically sick. Just imagining that this has been growing inside of me for over a year now, and I tried to do all the right things, but failed myself.

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