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I spend some time on this forum figuring out what to expect after my LEEP. And I greatly appreciated the stories people shared. So now is my turn. Here it goes:

The surgery itself was done while I was asleep. And thus there was no pain whatsoever. When I woke up my legs were very unsteady and I needed help going 3 meters to the washroom, but the nurse helped and my husband was there too. I came home, collapsed on the nearest sofa and spend the next day sleeping off the which ever sleep drug they gave me. I had small brown discharge at this point.

The third day after LEEP I was great! Back to normal except the brown discharge.

The forth day I started bleeding, bright red bleeding, and got fever in the evening. I had 38 and the hospital discharge papers said 38.5 - go to ER. I did not go to ER but to my doctor. At this point I could hardly walk - just because I was so tired. He gave me antibiotics.

I stayed home eating antibiotics, loosing blood, and feeling horribly tired even though I was doing nothing. 3 weeks passed in that same state - can do nothing and loosing blood.

Now it has been a month since the LEEP and I finally stopped bleeding, but the energy levels are still down and I still can not go back to work.

FYI - none of the above was ever mentioned as a possibility by my doctor in advance of the procedure. So now you know that it can turn out like that too!

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