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Hi Hope.

If this is your first follow-up pap, it will just be a swab of the cervix and maybe one of the cervical canal. Did you say your LEEP was in October? Usually, they will do a two to four week follow-up that may include a look at the cervix, but no pap. It is also a chance to go over lab results. Then, at three to four months, they will do the first pap. Depending on the results of the pap, they may do another follow-up pap or do a colpo if the first one is abnormal. I had an abnormal follow-up and they gave me the choice to do another pap or go straight to the colpo. I did the pap and then the colpo and the colpo turned out normal!!!

Sorry, no one really seems to know the chances of dysplasia returning. If you still smoke, the chances are higher. If you take excellent are of yourself and minimize stress, the chances should be lower.

Depending on the severity of recurring dysplasia, LEEPs are usually the way to go. My doctor seems to treat each recurrence as a separate instance and chooses LEEP, cryo, laser, or cold cone based on each colp.

Many doctors simply assume that a woman has HPV as soon as she has dysplasia. Many even assume it after the first abnormal pap. The reason they do this is because HPV is very common. So many people have it. And, it is the only thing that is definitely linked to dysplasia. Many people believe though that dysplasia can exist in the absence of HPV and can be caused by the things that cause other cancers, like smoking. Unfortunately, really good research hasn't been done. Thank goodness they have found successful ways to treat us and keep us from getting cancer!

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