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On November 7th, I had a cone biopsy. It seems as these are not as common as the LEEP, and I've found it difficult to find information on the actual procedure (ya know, from a real person instead of medical dictionary terms...). Just thought I would let you know my experience:

I checked into the hospital at 1pm. My surgery was scheduled for 3:30. My husband and I were taken to a "holding area" Where we had our own sectioned off room with a recliner and chair where I changed into my gown and robe. I was asked a bunch of pre op questions (no body piercings, no other med problems, etc...) Then, we were taken to another area that we joked looked like visiting hour at a mental institute. There were cards and puzzles set up for robed patients and their "visitor"
The anestesiologist came in and talked to me about being put under and made sure that I didn't have anything to eat or drink-then the nurse came in and introduced herself and brought me back to the OR. DH and I parted, and he was told to check in at the patient family waiting area and the doc would call with a post up report, then he would be able tola meet me in recovery.
I was brought into the OR and took off my robe (still had my gown and socks on) My doc came in and said she was going to get started because they were waiting on equipment in another OR. Cool! Not 5 minutes later, I was out like a light. The next thing you know, I was waking up in the recovery room. The whole procedure took about 20 min. I was in alot of pain when I woke up. I was immediately given pain meds, and since I have back problems, I was given a heating pad, and was allowed to lay on my side with pillows between my knees. 5 min later, they asked my pain level, and gave me more meds. 10 min after that, I asked for pain meds again. I was comfortable then, but was still in and out of sleep. The back of my throat was sore from the oxygen. I was wheeled into another room, and my husban was allowed to meet me there. I was given juices and muffins. It took me about an hour to wake up. I was still a little uncomfortable, so I was given a percocet also. I was released, and everything has been alright.

I haven't been able to do anything, and that's worse than the little bit of cramping that I've had. I have taken a couple of percocet, not because I was in dire pain, but I did have cramping, and I wanted to curb the pain in case it really started to hurt. I haven't had any meds today, and I've been alright. I haven't been able to lift anything in fear of my cervix not healing properly.

The biopsy will be sent to the lab to check and see what stage cervical cancer I have, and hopefully it will tell that it got it all! Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

Basically with a cone biopsy, the doc cuts out a cone shaped portion of your cervix. This is used as both a diagostic tool and a possible "cure" If you have very early stages of cervical cancer, it could remove it all. It is also used to stage cervical cancer.

I will get my results this coming Friday, Nov 14th.

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