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I will definately say that my case is very rare. My doc even said so. She thinks that my paps were probably done wrong the last, oh 2 or 3 years. She also said that a pap is only about 80% effective, and that's why we should have them EVERY year.
My colpo results were CINIII/Carcinoma in situ. I also had severe cervicitis. My doc didn't seem too concerned about it though. Like someone else said, it's just a fancy word for inflamation. (I had an IUD, and we think that caused it)
There was also a note on the bottom of my colpo results that said something about my colpo biopsies were too small for further diagnosis, or something like that.

I'm no medical expert, but I don't think that it means that you had abnormal cells in the "endometium", just on your cervix. I think that it means that the inflamation, or the infection, went into the endo. Hope this makes sense.

It's great to hear that you have an aggressive doctor. I think if he felt that you needed a cone, he would have definately told you. (that's what mine did on the day of my scheduled LEEP).

:angel: Waiting is the hardest part, isn't it? I have 3 more days until I find out the results of my cone!

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