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Hello, i just had my leep procedure done on Oct.30. The doctor removed 2 HSILs and all went well so far no bleeding really, but i have had a really watery discharge ever since and its really bothersome. Its more the consistency of urine; rather than what i would call a "discharge" that my doctor warned i may have. Also the smell is not as awful as i hear its supposed to be. I feel like i have to urinate a lot more often since the procedure. Has anyone else had anything similar after their leeps, or should i worry... This whole experience driving me nuts... :-( Anyone who can give advice please reply, thanks!!
Hi Greenbean and welcome! :wave:

A smelly discharge is always a bad thing. If yours doesn't smell, that is very good. A foul odor usually means that the wound or the vagina is infected. It may smell a little like a burn unit, but it really shouldn't be too bad.

As for the discharge, it isn't supposed to be at all like your normal discharge. It is usually clear or a little gray and watery. Remember, it is coming from a burn site..a pretty big and deep one. If you have every had a burn, it does get a little shiny...imagine that inside where you are already wet. This may last up to a month. (Sorry, getting a little graphic this evening.)

Beware, though, I had my two week follow-up and the doctor scraped my cervix with silver nitrate. That is when I first felt the pain and that is also when I started bleeding and shedding little chunks of tissue. Every doc does things differently between the LEEP and the first follow-up pap, so you may not have that problem.

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