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Lost of great information ladies.

Queeneev, do you think there could be a reason why your immune system was compromised recently to cause you to have a recurrance? I kinda think of dysplasia/HPV like chicken pox, you have the initial outbreak and then your immune system responds ever so slowly. Sometimes it takes the help of a medical professional, but it does become dormant because your body suppresses it. Then, once it is under control, a weakened immune system can result in another outbreak like shingles. Anyway, it's hard to really know since the research hasn't really been done. The medical community seems to look at it as something to treat instead of something to prevent.

I know I contracted it about seven months before my abnormal pap. I often wonder if the women who don't have the abnormal paps end up getting it in the off time between paps. Like, if my pap had been due in August instead of February. Maybe my immune system would have fixed me before my doctor ever saw the problem. But, I guess the reverse could be true. If I could get to CINII in just a matter of months, maybe it could have been even more severe before I got it treated. It really is a terrible guessing game.

Congrats on your normal pap. Mine were both ASCUS post-LEEP, but my biopsies were benign. So, I am safe for just a few months until my next pap. I wonder if the constant blood flow through there has helped or hurt. I keep thinking that maybe I have a stronger immune system since I have no red blood and normal white counts.

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