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hi, i'm a new member here. very informative boards, i must say!

anyhoo, i just had the LEEP done today for "mild" dysplasia. this was ordered after my last abnormal pap and colposcopy 6 months ago. all previous paps i'd had (and i'm 47) have been normal. me and my bf (well, former since last night!) were monogamous (at least i was), but we have had a couple of non-condom experiences.

everyone was telling me the LEEP would be a piece of cake, and i thought it would be too, after having 4 natural childbirth (two home births) boys.

well, it wasn't. i took an 800 mg motrin about an hour before and laid down on the table to be hooked up. my head was tilted slightly downwards. when the md said there would be a pinch, i got ready for it. the first injection was ok, but after the second one, i started feeling VERY strange, lightheaded and all the background noises disappeared, although i could still hear the md. the pa said i turned white and i felt like i would pass out. anyway, they called in some more nurses who took my bp and applied a cold cloth to my head. it was about 5-10 minutes before i felt "ok" and was asked if i wanted to continue the procedure, which i did.

apparently, the md said that she thinks she hit a blood vessel, and with my head tilted, caused the lidocaine to reach my brain, causing these symptoms. she said she'd had one or two others with this problem, but i was the worst. just to add one more thing, i had JUST finished my period when this was performed, and was still having a slight discharge.

anyone else? it was truly frightening! i hope this took care of the abnormal paps as i don't want to do this again!

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