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Results from LEEP!
Nov 17, 2003
I got the results of my LEEP today. I had it last Wednesday, so when my doctor called today, I got pretty freaked.

The doctor did a LEEP on my severe dysplasia. The doctor called to say that it was, indeed, severe like they thought. She also said that the margins were clear, normal tissue. She believes they got it all and she'd see me in 3 months.

I can't tell you how happy this made me. I was whooping and hollering and praising Jesus.

I should explain a bit of my story. Back in February of this year(2003) I had an abnormal pap showing LGSIL. I went in for a colpo/biopsy in March which hurt like a son of a gun. The doctor called back and told me that I had severe lesions at 10,2, and 6 o'clock and CIS in the canal. :eek: He wanted to do a cone biopsy. I thought that was pretty invasive and I always try the natural approach first. So I switched doctors and had a second opinion, ThinPrep pap test by a different doctor(female). That showed up HGSIL. The doctor let me try alternative medicine for 3-4 months. I opted for trying Betamannan. What I didn't know is with severe dysplasia, it would more than likely take longer than the recommended 3 months, possibly even more than 6 months for dysplasia that severe. Anyway, I didn't want to wait any longer, not knowing if it had gotten worse in the time I sat on it. So when that next pap showed HGSIL also, I went right ahead with the LEEP. I didn't want to mess around anymore. I'm so glad I had the LEEP. I would rather have the LEEP procedure any day than the colpo/biopsy. At least they numbed my cervix before the LEEP. I didn't feel a thing....not even the shot to numb me. It may just have been the difference in the doctor. You know...women doctors seem to know how it feels. LOL

Anyway, I just thought I'd share. I'm doing the happy dance.

Lisa :bouncing: :bouncing:

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