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[B]Hi I have been reading everyone comments and questions, and from the few I have read remains me of what Im going through myself. Im a 22 y/o female w/o kids, but I hope and pray to the lord that I get to someday, but I wanted to ask a couple of questions to you out there. I was told that I had an abnormal pap, after that I had a pap and colpo done/ biopsy results came back abnormal. I had a LEEP procedure done on 11/3/03 went to my f/u appt which was 11/17/03, and the doc tells me that I have to have a CKC cone knife procedure. I am really afraid, but Im trying to think positve, that everything will be ok after this is over. I was reading a little info about a CKC on, and it said that if you have a CKC and it comes back abnormal the next step will be a hysterectomy. I am too young to have this and it scares me to death to think about not having kids, because Ive always dreamed of having kids. Do you think I will be fine after I have this CKC even with endocer margins? [/B]

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