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WHAT?!?!?! They only swab half of our cervix??? What the crap? For my next pap, I am going to have her swab the whole darn thing!!! But my doctor is awesome and I trust what she does. I'm definatly going to ask her about that though. And I definatly like having a woman doctor. NOthing againt males, but I find her more understanding, and she actually gives me compliments like telling me "Oh wow, you have a beautiful cervix. It's like a text book cervix"... yeah, i know thats a little weird, but better than her telling me its ugly. She also encourages me to keep up the good health and stuff like that, and listens and cares about all of the other problems with my body. I just flat out like my doctor!!! Anywho, good luck with finding the right one for you!!! keep me posted with teh biopsy results!!


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