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I had a few mild dysplasia paps and then a medium, so I was hoping I would get the LEEP and all of this would be over... I got it done Oct. 21. My Dr. said she didn't expect it to come back clear, since she had to burn some of the edges off instead of cutting them out. But it did come back clear. Then my one month checkup pap came back with ASCUS!

My Dr. said she's not worried, and it's probably because of inflammatin from the LEEP. Does anyone know statistics on how many repeat LEEPs are done & the consequences of getting more than one. I'm probably jumping the gun, but with my luck I'll have to have another one some day.

I have seen all of these messages about bed rest during pregnancy and inability to have babies, so I'm starting to wonder if I should hurry up and have kids in the next year or two before I have to have another surgery.

Another question... I didn't have any bleeding and hardly any discharge until my follow-up pap. I had some light bleeding (more like a pinkish discharge) for a week or two, and now every time I have sex. I thought after 4 weeks everything would be back to normal, and it's been almost 2 months. Anyone else experience this? Should I put the "don't insert anything" restrictions back in place for awhile?

One more... How long do you guys go without sex before a pap? I give at least 24 hours, but it seems like when I'm witin a couple days of my pap, they come back abnormal. Probably just my imagination...

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