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Hey Lori,

I think a couple of other risk factors are smoking and use of birth control. They also say having sex at a young age or having multiple partners are risk factors, but I am pretty sure that is because of HPV.

I believe it is possible to get false negatives on pretty much any medical tests, including the HPV test. Also, though, cervical dysplasia can be just like any other dysplasia/cancer. No one knows for sure why, but some people develop it and some people don't. Please, just be happy that you are getting it cut out of you and start doing everything you can to help it heal properly. Follow all of the post-op orders about restricting certains activities. Also, try to beef up the healthier parts of your diet and cut back on things like white sugar and white flour that may feed cancer. Cut back if you smoke and try to get more exercise within the limits your doc sets. Also, try to find a way to send positive energy to your cervix: meditate, do yoga, light some candles; whatever makes you feel good and helps you relax.

And, whenever you need to, come to healthboards and vent and ask a lot of questions!

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