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Well, I got the results from my LEEP biopsy last week. The diagnosis reverted to High Grade from Moderate (again; I keep bouncing from one to the other), and the nurse said that they weren't sure if they'd gotten it all, but that the tissue in question near the margins was low grade, not high grade. Which is good news, I guess? I mean, better than if it had been high grade.
She told me not to worry about it, and to wait until my next colopscopy, which will be in April, and also mentioned that often, low grade dysplasia clears up on its own through the post-LEEP healing process (although she may just have been humouring me). I asked what the next step would be if doesn't, and she speculated that the doctor might want to do a cone biopsy.
I'm only 31, and I've not even thought about having children, but I'd rather not have the option entirely greyed out for me, as it were, so can anyone give me advice on what choices are available for recurring dysplasia after a LEEP? What are the effects of a cone biopsy on future conception/pregnancy? And does anyone have any experience with unlcear - but low grade - margins?
Thanks to all for this amazing forum. I've learned so much from lurking here, and I'm hoping that someone out there can give me the straight dirt on what I can expect in the next few months.

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