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Like your last responder, I'm wondering why your doctor can't do it under a general anesthesia where you'll be totally asleep. I'm an ob/gyn myself, and we do all our LEEPs in our short procedures unit (separate building from our main OR's) and all the patients go under general. They wake up feeling refreshed, as if only 3 minutes have past and they don't feel a thing, except some mild cramping (perhaps) afterwards. Does your ob/gyn not have the facilities/staff to do the procedure under anesthesia? You should definitely inquire about it. If I were your doctor, I would prefer to do it under general, seeing how apprehensive you already are about the procedure and considering your past history.

If you have already had the biopsy, that IS the part of the colposcopy which hurts. LEEP takes 5 minutes once the patients are under anesthesia and positioned and prepped.

Hope this helped. Good luck.

PaNik5717 & Kimmiejune:

Thanks for the replies. I truly appreciate it.

My doctor did mention using general anesthesia, but she said it would be through an IV. I know I could never handle that because of my needle phobia. I had a C-section with my son and the IV is what stands out the most to me. Also, there is a greater cost doing it that way. I'm a single mom and barely getting by as it is. She told me that this would be outpatient surgery and it will be done in the office. She just told me to take the Valium and something for cramps before I come in that morning. I've had several friends tell me that I should seek a second opinion because this is the very first time I've been to this doctor and she's new to our area. I have absolutely no idea about her experience with LEEPs at all. Are there no alternatives to LEEP?

Kimmiejune: What is involved with prepping for a LEEP?

Thanks so much for everything. I just feel so out in the dark because my doctor has not explained things to me yet.

Thanks again.
Hi txcoolchick,

When I say 'prepping' a patient, it really means just preparing them for the procedure. After they are under the general anesthesia, we place their legs in the cushioned stirrups, then we sterilize the area (called prepping) with betadine. This includes the inner thighs, vagina, and cervix. We insert the speculum, rub some acetic acid on the cervix, to visualize where the dysplastic areas of cells are, then we burn the cervix off in one small slice. That's it. It takes only a few minutes.

Perhaps you shouldn't think of this procedure as taking off your clothes and letting someone "violate" you. You are in the office of a doctor who is only trying to help you, not violate you, although I know it may bring back feelings of the such. Try to visualize what the procedure... then switch immediately to some good memories you had of a fun time. Do that repeatedly. Maybe this will help condition you out of this fright response you have to undressing and being examined down there.

good luck

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