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I had my surgery on 1/2/04 and got my test results on 1/14/04. The doc told me that everything is clear now. Thank you god! But I have to continue to be seen by the doc every 3mths you know how it goes. The doc told me no sex for 2 weeks and I said ok cool and I haven't. After the surgery there was no bleeding just some stinky discharge eeww, but on 1/7 or 1/8/04 I started bleeding and I figure my cervix was healing or something but today is the 19th and I am still bleeding a little. I mean at first it was like a bright red now it's like a light red its like Im spotting now. Has this every happen to either one of you ladies out there or should I be going to the emergency room? Because I know after I had the LEEP surgery it was about 4wks before I stopped bleeding.

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