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i also had a clear liquard like discharge . and as for the ash like (or my doctor told me like coffee grinds) i know that is gross. but he told me it is the medicine that they put on your cervix . it is like stiches but a liquard form to stop the cervix from bleeding and heal . as for the odor maybe you have a infection i had that after the leep. i suggest you call the doctor and explain it to him/her. good luck
I bled and leaked after my LEEP for about 11 days. I was worried about the odor as well. It is sort of a funky smell. I would smell it every time I went to the bathroom because I was worried that it was infected. Odd odor is normal. Foul odor is not. If it smells like sickness you should call your Dr.

P.S. Coffee grounds is exactly what it looked like. I told my husband that I had coffee in my pants. LOL

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