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Re: New and afraid
Feb 23, 2004
I know your scared, its natural. There are some very strong and helpful people on here and i am so thankful I found them. You just need to take it one step at a time, my pap came back ASCUS and I have a flollow up one in April. and already I am jumping to conclusions! it's so very easy to do. But I guess you just have to breath and roll with the punches. I have spotted between my periods and I have not been feeling "right" either. I also have been bloated and have lower left ab pain. the first thing you have to realize is that it could be a number of different things and not cancer. I talked to my nurse the other day and she said that a woman can bleed between periods for many different reasons. she told me that bleeding between periods can actually be a sign of breast cancer! (not to scare you worse) my point is, it could be a cyst,infection, hormons or whatever! that is why you have to go get it checked! My thoughts our with you. just relax and take it one step at a time. :)

[QUOTE=justus3]I feel almost silly posting this after reading all that some of you have been through, but I just need to tell people who may understand how I'm feeling...

I have a gyn appt scheduled for a week from today. I'm absolutely terrified of what they will find. I have know for several months that something wasn't "right" with me, but fear kept me from doing anything about it.
The more I read, the more scared I get.

I have always been a very healthy woman with perfectly normal periods. Six months ago I started bleeding between periods. Not merely spotting, enough to need to use tampons for a couple days. My periods have gotten longer and heavier, too. I'm completely fatigued, I've lost weight, and feel uncomfotable in my pelvic area. The discomfort is hard to describe though...

I haven't had a pap in a couple of years. I haven't always been very good about getting them regularly (something I may be regretting now). I had an abnormal pap about 13 years ago, and never really did anything about it, but I haven't had others (that I know of).

Reading info I realize how many of the high risk factors I have...
I'm a smoker, I have had a pretty fair number of partners, I have genital herpes, and of course I haven't been great about getting checked regularly...

Now I'm smacking myself and feeling so afraid!
It's really the bleeding that has me frightened most. I've never had even one other instance of anything out of the ordinary until 6 months ago...and this may sound weird, but I just don't feel right.

I just can't beleive how strong you all are! How do you not go absolutely crazy with the time it seems to take and the many procedures necessary to get a proper diagnosis??!! It seems like some of you have had to wait MONTHS to find out what's wrong...just getting one peice of bad news after another....

I know the symptoms I have could be something else, and I'm usually not a hystrionic person, but i can't imagine what's going on with my body.

Oh, by the way, I'm 32, so way too young to have this be anything menopausal.

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm just trying to calm down.....[/QUOTE]

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