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Call your doctor and ask for more specifics about your procedure. Ask about having a local anesthetic. If he isn't going to use one, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR! Tell him that you are VERY scared and that you are thinking about not having it done. Talk to him and a nurse if you can. And, be sure to tell them that you could be pg.

There have been a few women here who have told their stories of laser procedures.

Here is one from our good friend Willow: [url][/url]

They are very similar to the LEEP stories and the cryo stories. Just a different machine. With the laser nad the LEEP, I believe that there can be a pathology report. With the cryo, you just have to wait to see what grows back. I believe that the laser can get a more specific section of the cervix. The LEEP just takes a cone-shaped chunk. Regardless, it's all pretty much the same. You can expect an icky discharge afterwards and you have to restrict certain activities for four to six weeks. Other than that, most of us can hardly tell that anything happened. You may be a little sore at the very beginning. After that, if you follow your doc's instructions, you should be fine.

Just to reassure you a little, I had the LEEP and I didn't take a single thing before. I just had the shot to numb my cervix and even that didn't hurt. You can read recent stories from girls who have had these procedures done. None of them believe that it isn't that bad until they have it done. They feel so good, they write back the same day and say "hey, it wasn't that bad and I worried for nothing." If you survived the colposcopy, I know you can survive the laser surgery.

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