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it can come back- i had a cone in sept 02 and i just had cryo done 3 weeks ago. I just wanted to correct Lillyenne becasue, if you DO indeed have recurrence, it is most common in the 2 years post your procedure. I think if you make past 2 years, it is a good chance it might not come back. Its scary but not the worst thing in the world.
My gyn told me there was something like an 80% chance (or 85%, can't remember which for sure) that I would never have any problems with an abnormal pap again. So, that made me feel good. I've had 2 follow-ups, one at 3 months, when I had a normal pap and also a normal colposcopy (we were trying to get pregnant, I wanted to make good and sure that dysplasia was gone), and one at nine months just a few weeks ago, and that pap was also normal. Also, with this last pap I had her run the HPV test along with the pap, because it is possible to have the virus active without having abnormal cells yet, and it was also negative for any HPV. I'm very happy about it, and I'm now pregnant, too!

There's new research out that says that the chances of CIN recurrence go down if you and your partner use a condom, also that the occurrence of CIN regression goes up with the use of a condom. Also, the research indicated that the flat penile lesions which can be a result of high-risk HPV in men, the occurrence goes down with the use of condoms, and the rate of regression goes up. These were people who didn't have multiple partners, so it indicates that the virus CAN be passed back and forth, so if your partner is okay with it, you might want to consider using a condom.

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