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Congratulations on your clear pap. I'm extremely jealous - I had my LEEP cone for CIS a month ago so I still have 3+ months until my first post LEEP pap. It sucks that we will always have the fact that this could come back in the back of our minds. I know I'll be a nervous wreck waiting for that first pap - I'm already tired of not knowing if my CIS is gone. I'm especially worried that I will still have CIS because my lesion had endocervical gland involvement and I had HPV for at least 8 years before I had any symptoms.

I think that if you are younger than 30 and your LEEP margins were clear, you have a very small chance of a reoccurance of dyplasia in the near future. It doesn't appear that they know what happens with the HPV, some people think you will shed it, others believe it goes dormant and can either stay that way or reactivate. It seems like the people that have reoccurances of dysplasia have it happen after a long period of time (10+ years). I think that Dr's tell people that LEEP is curative in 95% of the cases. However, I don't think that they have done long term studies of reoccurance (everything I've read has been following up for less than 5 years).

Good luck with those paps every three months and keep up with the vitamins.

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