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[QUOTE=Lucky87531]Well, I will tell you right now this isn't a happy post so anyone who doesnt want to be brought down, dont read this. I'm 20 years old, dealing with high risk HPV. I developed severe dysplasia on my cervix and vulva over the past year. Had a ckc to treat the cervix and am workign on the vulva by treating it with Aldera cream. Doc called today with my follow up pap... its abnormal... of course.[/quote] Take a deep breath. Again. First, I hope that you recognize that you did NOT have cervical cancer and that your original pap smear did what it was supposed to do: Find abnormal cellulars changes BEFORE actual cancer.
Next, there's levels of abnormality ([url][/url], scroll down to #8). You might simply have an ASCUS result or CIN I, and in both cases, waiting for 4 months and repeating the pap smear is a reasonable course of action because studies show that the pap returns to normal in something like 80% of these cases. (No, the other 20% didn't have cancer! Mostly they continued abnormal and some showed disease progression). I'm sure this doesn't help you right now, but cervical cancer is slow growing - that's the beauty of using a pap smear to detect cellular changes long before something truly nasty shows up. [quote=Lucky87531]The doctor even did a CKC on me instead of a of a LEEP so she could be sure to get it all, well if she did, it's back. I dont know what to do. Women know their bodies, and i knew it would come back. I have tried to keep my stress levels down and remain calm, but obviously that didn't help. I have had 2 sexual partners and got this... when some women can have 20 partners and never contract anything. I wish i could not deal with it but that would be dumb. I am supposed to wait 4 months to have another pap... is that smart? I want this taken care of, and i want it gone now.[/quote] Unfortunately, HPV is incurable at this time (most viruses are, which is why vaccines are developed). There are dozens and dozens of HPV viral strains, but only about 6 are truly nasty. When you go for your repeat pap, ask your doctor for HPV DNA typing (the digene test) to be done at the same time. This will tell you which strain of HPV you have and whether it's active. In addition to trying to keep your stress levels down (I know, I know! :) ), if you smoke - try to stop. Smoking is a risk factor. [quote=Lucky87531] this keeps bringing me down. I feel helpless. I have always had a kick-butt immune system, so why can't it kick this? OR even recognize that the virus is there![/QUOTE] There are support groups for this. You might want to look into joining one (online or in person) to help you deal with this and develop perspective. HPV is a virus. Your immune system could be titanium-clad, it wouldn't make any difference. This article might help you some: [url][/url]
Did you know that something like 2/3 of the sexually active population has one strain or other of HPV? :eek: :confused: It's pervasive and not necessarily stopped by the use of condoms and don't beat yourself up over this. (a few primal screams now and then are definitely in order, though ;) )
Take another deep breath. Read all you can. Take a friend with you to your next appointment. Make a list of what you want to know. Your medical provider is the best one to question at this point. Call your doc and get your questions answered.

I wish you all the best,

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