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I know someone posted about birth control. There is ample evidence that long term hormonal birth control use is a risk factor for developing dysplasia. They don't know why for sure. One camp says it is because women on the pill use less condoms and have more partners. The other camp says that it is because the pill causes a dip in folic acid levels. My husband isn't too happy but I stopped the patch and we are now just using condoms. There is also some evidence that using condoms in a monogamous relationship helps.

Regarding the LEEP, if you have severe dysplasia, this is probably the most common treatment. If they freeze the cells, they can't send a sample to pathology. There is also some evidence, although not conclusive that LEEP has a better success rate than cryotherapy. With severe dysplasia, you want to make sure that you don't have cervical cancer. But relax, according to the literature, you have less than a 5% chance of being diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer when the doctor doesn't suspect it going into the LEEP (even with CIN III).

I also read volumes about LEEP and pregnancies. I have yet to have children so this was a huge concern. It seems like a single LEEP causes some preterm birth but it didn't appear that in the paper that said this that the babies of the women had any additional problems. My doctor told me that the women that usually have problems are the one that have had several procedures. Also, even if the LEEP does cause your cervix to be incompetent, the doctors can put a stich in. You just need to make sure your doctor knows you've had the procedure so they can monitor your cervix. The only other problem, which is extremely rare, is called cervical stenosis. This is when the scar tissue from the procedure causes your cervix to close. I think they can reverse it (sometimes) with plastic surgery. Anyway, I don't see why this wouldn't allow you to have children through IVF and C-sections.

It is so nice to have this site. I agree that going from a perfectly normal 32 year old to having a serious precancerous lesion on my cervix has been scary. It has been especially bad because I always thought I'd have lots of time to have children. My husband and I have already decided to start trying to conceive if my first pap comes back normal. I'm not really ready (I know I should be at 32) but I worry that if I don't do it now, I may not get a chance later.

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