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Hello.....I have also been were you and the others are at...In 1997 I had an abnormal pap and was called back for a colposcopy and biopsy....I thought one or maybe 2 biopsies..No such luck for me.....When he painted my insides with a very stong vinegar solution I heard him say "Oh my God" I knew I was in trouble from that second on....I had regular yearly paps for many years and they were always normal....I made a big mistake thinking I didn;t need to have them that often anymore...I was 42 at the time.....It had been 4 years since my last pap...He took 10 biopsies that day and he was not encouraging at all when he was finished....4 days later I get a phone call and the nurse says the Dr. wants to speak to me...He got on the phone and appologized for doing this over the phone but there was no need for me to come to the office...He said I had squamous cell carcinoma and that it was very active and spreading..He then told me that he had already made me an appt. with an oncologist gynecologist at a cancer center 100 miles away......I was in a daze and initially refused to go to another Dr. I wanted him to take care of me...I had a good friend that had cancer-in-situ and he took care of her and did a hysterectomy at a local hosp...In other words I wasn't processing what he was telling me at all.....He finally made me realize I needed more than he could give and the Dr. he was sending me to was the best he knew....When I saw the oncologist it was the scariest day of my life...Just walking into a cancer drs. office is very unsettling....He initially thought I might only need a cone biopsy....This is done for 2 reasons...It is a diagnostic surgical biopsy but many times removing that large of a biopsy right at the cancer site is curative, if the margins are clean..Mine were not and I also had angiolymphatic invasion.......I had a radical hysterectomy, not to be confused with a total hysterectomy, and all pelvic lymph nodes removed...I had invasion in 2 nodes.....He told me I had to have had cervical dysplasia for MANY years...He said probably 10 or more for it to have progressed to an invasive cancer....He said this type dysplasia is very slow moving until it reaches a certain stage and then rapidly spreads and once it became a cancer it spread very quickly.....He also told me that is why it is suggested to have yearly paps because it is very easy to miss dysplasia on pap swabs but if you have your tests regularly then it would be found at a much sooner time than what mine was.....I saw him regularly for 5 years and am now declared cured and cancer free....Your dr. doing a LEEP, is in my opinion, very good news for you...Mine knew a LEEP would not do anything for me so I find that encouraging and I think you should too.....Remember this.....Dysplasia is not cancer, it is a change in the cells that can in some people progress to cancer if not taken care of......Even with an invasive active cancer it is possible to beat cervical cancer......Please let us know how this turns out..

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