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I am having a LEEP procedure done next week and I am really terrified=( I had two paps and a colposcopy before they decided that I needed a LEEP done. My first pap came back ASCUS or atypical cells. They just recomended that I came back for another pap in 3 months. So, I did and I had a thin prep pap done, which showed mild dysplasia. So then I had to have a colposcopy and the biopsy done.. which confirmed I do indeed have mild dysplasia on my cervix. Now, the next step is the LEEP...:( The only reason I am scared is because I am only 21 years old and I plan on getting married soon and having children. This is so important to me, and I am really worried that this LEEP will have an effect on my ability to have children. My doctor told me "it shouldn't" What the hell does that mean??? She was really short with me and wasn't available for me to ask too many questions. This made me even more uneasy and scared :( I have been in tears everytime I think about possibly not being able to have children. Is there anyone that knows anything about this.. or maybe someone who has had the LEEP done and had a successful pregnancy afterwards?? PLease help.. someone.. I need some encouragment.. and some answers.
Hi :wave:

I just had a LEEP done this past Wed. for severe dysplasia. My doctor reassured me that this would not harm my fertility or ability to carry a baby. I also know several people who have had LEEPS done and they have had no problems. One friend who had this procedure has 3 children now!

So, I wouldn't worry, especially with mild dysplasia. The doctor should not have to remove very much.

Hope this helps you feel better!
Did your doctor talk to you about maybe giving it a little more time to see if it heals on it's own? I had mild dysplasia, which was confirmed by colp. and biopsy. The doctor said to wait 6 months and re-pap. I just got my results back from my 6 month re-pap and it was normal. The doctor told me that 80% of mild dysplasia cases heal on it's own. I did do some extra things though. I took a multi vitamin, extra folic acid, ate flaxseed, and exercised, and tried to eat right as much as possible. I'm not sure if this actually helped but I think it did.

That said, I do not think the leep will cause any problems with fertility, especially with mild dysplasia. I know you are scared but from what I hear it is over before you know it. I think the waiting is the worse part.

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